Why Is This a Trend? Recent times have made everyone realize the importance of great employees and employers.   A successful growing company knows that it’s not just numbers that make a company great or successful.   Companies that care and respect their employees and focus on ensuring this practice is a mainstay has little […]

California is a strict state to be an employer; there are numerous laws and regulations in place that require compliance. Wage transparency, or officially named California Equal Pay Act, Labor Code 1197.5 and 432.3, is one of them. Transparency can be scary to an employer, and if you have had a company-wide practice in place […]

Your company is required to create a safe, productive environment for your employees.  Employment-related violations have been the subject of the highest number of claims and lawsuits filed in the United States, both in state and federal courts.  There is an ever-increasing number of formal allegations filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I know what you are thinking. Is there such a thing? I happen to believe there is. I’ve worked under different management styles and have been a manager in various capacities.  In the beginning, I thought; if I could provide my employees with all kinds of fun […]