Trending: Focusing on Your Employees.

Why Is This a Trend?

Recent times have made everyone realize the importance of great employees and employers.   A successful growing company knows that it’s not just numbers that make a company great or successful.   Companies that care and respect their employees and focus on ensuring this practice is a mainstay has little turnover and more productivity.   In addition, every happy employee can be a spokesperson or salesman, which can directly affect the bottom line positively!  

Many companies have taken employees for granted, that the work is the benefit, and have focused solely on the numbers. They took the stance that if the company is making money, the employees are making money, which equals happiness.  In part, that is true, but it doesn’t sustain.  Money can mask things that aren’t working well, but problems or bad behaviors are only tolerated for so long. Money doesn’t hide things forever and doesn’t fix issues in the workplace.

The Realization

We have come to a point where this thinking is seriously being considered and changed.  A company with a respectful and positive focus on its employees is not having any problems finding or keeping them and has fewer employment-related claims.   This realization is spreading, which is excellent.  

On the employee side, they are looking for a balanced, positive, and inclusive working environment, now more than ever.   They want to be a part of a company where they matter and feel like their work makes an impact.   The lack of those feelings are why there has been a departure from certain companies and why it is so hard for them to find staffing.  

What We Think

In our opinion, it’s strange to think this is a new trend. But luckily, it’s a good one. Some of these trends include offering therapy for mental health, guaranteed benefits, remote options, or balancing work hours to allow for a life outside of work. These benefits are great to have. If you cannot provide these things, we believe there is a straightforward way to make a big difference; Respect. Know that employees expect a professional relationship and that it doesn’t always have to be a family at the office. Still, it must include consideration that goes both ways.

A very successful and intelligent person told us, “lead humbly and with respect, lead by example, be grateful, and lift your employees.  By making them successful, you will be successful and happy.   But, if you start thinking you are better, no one will want to follow, and happiness and success will evade you.”  There are many sayings like this, but they are true, and we try to live by that every day.   

I am hopeful for all of us working and building companies that this is not just a trend but a standard from here on out.  


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