Mismo Gives Your Company “Power-Ups”

Mismo provides your company significant advantages when it comes to preventing, solving, and defending workplace incidents. And, it doesn’t matter what type of business you run; if you have employees, you need Mismo. Think of these advantages as power-ups in a video game. Like Mario Bros., your company can grow stronger and have the ability to combat employment challenges with the Power-ups Mismo provides.

Mismo power-ups that take your business to hero status.

Mismo provides; 
  • Immediate notification to potential or actual employee issues as they occur, allowing action to be taken right away
  • Proactive prompts that encourage communication and documents employee responses regarding violations such as wage and hour and employment-related incidents
  • The ability to educate employees on their employment rights and obligations in one broadcasted transaction
  • Documented confirmation that each employee has read and understood your broadcasted postings
  • Knowledge, nothing swept under the rug
Mismo assists you in;
  • Distributing responsibility between employer and employee to recognize, report, and resolve workplace conflict before it escalates
  • Preventing, limiting, or even eliminating ongoing incurred damages resulting from immediate issue notification
  • Helps you stay in compliance with mandated federal and state postings for both in-office and remote employees 
Mismo gives you;
  • A stored documented history of all responses and communication within the Mismo system
  • The ability to generate reports from an employee’s response history that can be used as a defense or, even, a shield in the event a lawsuit is filed
  • A method to bar non-reporting of incidents
Mismo can help you with:
  • Fostering a culture of open communication and transparency
  • Promoting a professional and productive work environment free from harassment, discrimination, bias, retaliation, and the like


These power-ups alone are far from ordinary but having them work together in an intuitive and easy-to-use way makes them super. Mismo is continuously leveling up to give you the Power-ups you need for success in battling employee claims and lawsuits. Be Super use Mismo. 

Contact me at Gina@mismo.co to put these power-ups into action.